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What Camera Does Mr. Beast Use

Mr. Beast is one of the most popular YouTubers in the era of digital video content. His ideas are further amplified by the quality shots and astounding visuals of his videos, which begs the question; what camera does Mr. Beast use?

Mr. Beast uses various photography and video production equipment, coupled with ideal locations and beautiful environments to get the best shot. The primary camera in his backpack is the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II DSLR, which has established itself as one of the most reliable cameras through its high-end features.

Offering the video capabilities and shooting speeds that are necessary in the multimedia profession, the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II model is the flagship version in Canon’s DSLR production. It is characterized by its ability to handle high-end multimedia workflow and has robust processing capability. Below is a clear spec description of Mr. Beast’s camera of choice:

The DSLR feature

Canon EOS-1DX Mark II back
Canon EOS-1DX Mark II front

Canon EOS-1DX Mark II is a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera, which translates to a combination of the mechanisms and optics of a single-lens reflex camera and a digital imaging sensor. The DSLR feature is an incredible addition to any photography kit.

For starters, it typically uses autofocus relying on phase detection, which allows for the calculation of optimal lens position rather than simply “finding” it, as would be the case for autofocus relying on contrast maximization.

The DSLR feature comes with a mode dial which allows access to automatic scene-mode or standard camera settings. It provides modes like full manual mode, shutter-priority mode, aperture priority mode, and program.

The DSLR also has a dust reduction system which utilizes vibration of the sensor at ultrasonic frequencies to clear dust from the area. This allows for the device to easily be used in dusty environments like desert scenes without any trouble.

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Interchangeable lenses

Although this feature is not exclusive to the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II, it is a significant one because it allows a photographer or videographer to choose a suitable lens for their current needs.

More often than not, professionals like Mr. Beast prefer to use lenses from a similar manufacturer to the camera body, hence a Canon EF lens for a Canon body.

However, there are also independent lens manufacturers like Vivitar, Tokina, Tamron, and Sigma that may suit your project requirements.

Sensor/medium and ISO range

The Canon EOS-1DX Mark II uses a full-frame complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor which has an exemplary light-collecting ability that converts the light to a digital signal, capturing detailed images.

It has a maximum resolution of 20.2 megapixels and uses dual-slot storage media with CFast 2.0 and Compact Flash (CF) Type I which is UDMA-7 supported. The CMOS sensor offers up a high-sensitivity capture with reduced noise regardless of high or low ISO speed and has a high latitude for pulling details in darker settings.

Speaking of ISO, the camera has a standard range of 100-51200 ISO version, which has an expandability option of up to 409600 to offer enviable sensitivity.

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Dual DIGIC 6+ Processor

The Dual DIGIC 6+ processor is a feature that converts light at high speeds and is gracefully backed by the ability of white balance. It allows for better low-light performance, clearer images, and reduced lag.

Storage Media

The camera uses dual-slot storage with CFast 2.0 and Compact Flash (CF) Type I which is UDMA-7 supported. The advantage of this is that it can hold up to 170 full-size raw frames without any drawbacks.


EOS-1DX Mark II has an electro-mechanical carbon fiber focal-plane shutter with a high shutter speed range which allows continuous shooting of 14 fps in full AF/AE tracking mode and 16fps in Live View. With this feature, the camera can capture a lot of images and videos at a high speed.

Viewfinder and Touch Panel

The camera’s viewfinder is an eye-level pentaprism that has 0.76x magnification and 100% coverage.

The intelligent viewfinder is convenient for composing images and videos and changing settings while still focusing on the target with features like AF, metering mode, white balance, electronic level, and the grid being clearly visible on the 3.2-inch (8.1 cm) touch panel LCD monitor.

The touch panel has a Clear View II TFT LCD made with 1.62 million dots. It has a non-stop red illumination of the AF points and an anti-reflective build for sharper and brighter display regardless of the shooting conditions like darker or rainy settings. The LCD makes it easy to review settings and captured media.


The in-place focus modes are Manual, Al Servo, and One-shot. The focus areas are 41 cross-type AF points and 61 AF points accompanied by HD reticular AF II feature to film high-definition videos with utmost preciseness.

The AF points support a maximum aperture of up to f/8. The amazing AF performance is one of the most remarkable improvements from the model’s predecessor, Canon EOS-1DX.

Video recording

For video recordings, this model offers a full DCI 4K video or a resolution of 4096 x 2160. The camera provides 24 fps/25 fps/30 fps/50 fps/60 fps (Motion JPEG) at a continuous shot of up to 30 minutes at 800mbps, hence the convenience for making movies.

It also has a full HD option at 1920 x 1080 resolution, which allows for additional 100 fps and 120 fps options for slow-motion shots.

Other Features

A few other features of the EOS-1DX Mark II that are worth noting include:

  • Built-in GPS for geotag information and to sync to UTC time.
  • Dimensions of 6.60 x 6.22 x 3.25 inches.
  • An LP-E19 battery.
  • A weight of 1.33 kgs with a body made of dust- and weather-proof magnesium alloy.


Mr. Beast’s primary camera choice is a pretty incredible pick. It offers speed and quality performance regardless of the conditions. It works in low-light settings, outdoor environments, indoors, and in any other location tasked to it.

Like all good things, the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II DSLR has a high price tag of $5000 for only the body.

Although costly for most people, the price is consoled by the mind-blowing features and its highly professional performance.

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