Searches for “Sony Mirrorless” Hit 50% higher than “Nikon Mirrorless”

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18 January, 2023 • Updated 1 year ago
Google Data Mirrorless Searches

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for “Sony Mirrorless” in the US are 50 per cent higher than “Nikon Mirrorless”.

A new finding by shows that mirrorless gear customers are more inclined toward Sony than Nikon. That’s desperately bad news for Nikon which seems unable to fit in the mirrorless camera market.

A spokesperson for Camera Prism commented on the findings:
“It’s interesting to see how Sony is being searched prominently and is way ahead of Nikon. The main reason is Nikon has jumped a bit late on the mirrorless camera train. And no doubt, Sony is incredibly innovative on the technological side of things. Another reason may be that Nikon doesn’t come out with new products as fast as other companies. However, Sony is releasing newer models at pace and satisfying the consumer’s demands for new mirrorless gears.”

He also added, “Mirrorless is the future and the way only to stand out is to be innovative and fast in mirrorless technology.”

Data shows Sony already took the top spot for the most-sold mirrorless camera brand in the U.S. in 2021 (Source: NPD).

The last year’s CIPA shipments also show mirrorless now accounts for 67% of the total value of units and 38% of the total number of units shipped. Sony ranks first (32%), Canon second (28.2%) whereas Nikon is seen nowhere in the top spots (Source: PetaPixel, BCN).

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