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About Bo-Ming Tong (

Bo-Ming Tong of was the first one who introduced an independent lens mount convertor that retained autofocus and auto aperture. The Contax N-mount was the first of its kind. It features autofocus and auto aperture, meaning that you can take advantage of Contax N-mount on Canon EF camera bodies without sacrificing these two important properties! It was due to a microcontroller in between to translate communication protocols.

This Brand had expertise in the electronics of interchangeable lenses and digital cameras, helping people get their shot no matter what device is on hand.

Aim Behind Conurus

As the world of photography evolves, many companies are finding new ways to make old equipment work for them. One such company is Conurus Imaging Corporation with their conversion process manufactured Contax N lenses which had been successfully converted to Canon EF standards. His goal? To give these classic glass pieces a new lease on life by converting them into something more modern, flexible, and user-friendly.

Achieving this milestone means so much because the Contax N lens operates like any other Canon EF lens on a Canon DSLR. This initiative was highly appreciated by photography lovers across the globe.

In addition to upgrading the mount, loading custom firmware onto it, and making some slight adjustments in electronics Bo-Ming has also added a micro focus adjustment feature that allows end-users who own one of these lenses themselves can adjust their settings for optimal performance on any given camera body they use. This attention shows how much care went into creating such high-quality equipment while still maintaining affordability across different income brackets; something not seen often among competitors’ products!

About Metabones

Metabones is a company that specializes in camera accessories. They have their own design team, based in Japan and Hong Kong as well as production lines running through China to ensure high-quality products for customers everywhere!

Along with the collaboration of Metabones, Bo-Ming was able to launch the world’s first independent lens mount. Acquired, Now What?

As of now, Camera Prism has acquired the domain With the acquisition, we have expanded our area of work and we’ll be producing highly informative content for this new vertical of

Also note that Bo-Ming Tong won’t be operating anymore.

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